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Hand-poured soy candles made in Wichita, KS

Delano: Earthy and light at the same time, with notes of Patchouli, Lavender, Musk and Leather (the Delano District was home to Wyatt Earp after all.) A little bit hippie, a little bit funky and totally eclectic, just like Delano.

Riverside: In Riverside, it almost always feels like spring and smells of greenery, iris gardens and cool, watery air. Picture the winding river that is quintessential to Wichita's identity. Clean, Crisp and Green.

Old Town: Oakmoss, Cardamom and Musk are blended to evoke the vivacious and bustling feeling of a Friday night in Old Town. It's midnight on the brick paved streets, and there's live music, mischief and the faintest smell of men's cologne in the air...

College Hill: Evocative of the dark goods inside the historic bungalow homes that line the streets along East Douglas Avenue rich and warm, just like a favorite leather chair. Notes of Mahogany, Amber and Distressed Leather.