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  1. Be Free Bracelets
  2. Beaded Bracelets
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  4. KC Watercolor Beanie - Red & Yellow
  5. Kansas Button Pack
  6. Alma Bandana
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  7. KC Watercolor Beanie - Black & Cream
  8. Macrame Keychains by Emily
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  9. Ope Black Vintage Flatbill Hat
  10. Gold Halo Hoops
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  12. Gold Lightning Bolt Huggies
  13. Gold Halo Huggies
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  14. Gold Superstar Huggies
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  15. GameDays Are for the Girls Trucker Hat
  16. Tortoise Dangle Earring / Light Weight Modern Earring
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  17. Gemstone earrings
  18. White Petal Studs
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  19. Ecru Checkmate Charlies
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  • "This is a beautiful shop with lots of sweet goods that are either handmade and/or come from small, indie companies. I follow them on instagram and they've always got something I want!"


  • "Trendy little shop with many unique locally sourced products."

    Lacey J

  • "Our absolute go-to for all our sticker needs. Love that they keep new and fresh ones coming in consistently!"