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Mini Co. TURNS 1!

Mini Co. TURNS 1!

One whole year of our little sib: MINI 🎉🫶

Originating out of sister store Clifton Collective and incubating within Cleveland Corner to kick things off — I’ve loved watching this lil baby grow + evolve over a mere 12 months!

From mini manis, photoshoots and a fashion show to joining our sister store in Clifton Square, connecting with so many mamas, Mimi’s, kiddos and cool aunts to building on our platform of featuring + empowering Mini Makers — I’m proud to say we haven’t wasted much time 👏

So many ideas, so little time — so much more to come!

If you know me, you know Mini was born amidst a really difficult season for me personally. There’s nothing like living your purpose, being surrounded by the most incredible village and serving our community by way of small business.

I can’t thank you enough for choosing Mini Co. — we love your minis and watching this little vision flourish! It’s a treasure to be in community with you ❤️

Cheers to our team. Legit GOATS! Lehhgooo year ✌️