Rwanda / Bukure Repetition Coffee

Rwanda / Bukure Repetition Coffee

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Pharmacist Felix Hitayezu and his wife Agnes run a pharmacy called “Pharmacie Nova” in Kigali, Rwanda. Five years ago they decided to venture into coffee, and thus Nova Coffee was born.  Their passion and knowledge of coffee plants goes back to Agnes’ father whom spent his entire 50 year as a coffee agronomist. Being a women centered washing station, Nova Coffee is committed to develop the neighboring community into specialized coffee farmers as well as to enhance the social cohesion in order to create more jobs and eradicate poverty.

The village of Bukure is situated through valleys of rice fields and banana trees and only 3 cooperatives deliver their coffee cherries to Nova to get processed.  This special natural processed lot was grown by farmers who live just adjacent to the washing station in the Bukure sector.  The cherries are dried for 18 days in 9hr shifts and the result is a divine coffee. 

This cup of coffee is smooth and complex all at the same time.