Local Roasters: Ethiopia Limu

Local Roasters: Ethiopia Limu

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Roast Level: Light 

Elevation: 1850-2000 ASL

Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Strawberry Cake, & Black Tea

Description: This organically grown Ethiopian Limu comes from the Burka Gudina Estate. The estate uses 150 hectares of farmland for coffee production and employs 120 people during the peak season. We love small farms and we absolutely love this Ethiopia here at Local Roasters! The complexity that this coffee shows is truly unique. Bright, but with well-balanced acidity, this cup starts with strong notes of blueberry on the nose. Gently turning into notes of pineapple, strawberry cake, velvety dark chocolate, and sweet orange citrus on the tongue. This is an incredibly sweet cup. There are even some floral notes, very much like wild honeysuckle, along with a strong black tea note on the back end. With its light-medium body, it really lets all of this complexity shine. Accompanied by a creamy mouthfeel, you get an incredibly smooth and lingering finish.

Shelf Life: An unopened bag will remain tasty for five months due to our processes and packaging. We remove most of the oxygen from each bag during our packaging process and replace it with food-grade nitrogen to lovingly cradle these precious beans for a long time. We use the highest quality bags with one-way valves to retain the low-oxygen environment we create and allow our coffee to off-gas naturally.