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Fish Rub

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It doesn’t matter if you caught it or bought it, this rub will make your fish taste absolutely amazing. A fresh blend of subtle seasonings that let your catch shine when barbecued, smoked, or even pan roasted. This is the real deal, not some cheap knockoff. Made with the finest ingredients, our rub is gluten-free and kosher. So, make your fish happy, and remember, Rufus always said, “Good sauce makes bad barbecue good and good barbecue gooder.” Intended use: Sprinkle on fish or seafood before grilling, frying or smoking. Pairings: Rufus fish rub was specifically created for fish and seafood. Great on any type of fish whether light or meaty. Absolutely perfect for salmon on the grill. Also works great on shrimp whether added to boil or sprinkled on after. Other attributes: Certified gluten-free Kosher Only natural ingredients Ingredients: Salt, sugar, spices including chili pepper, dehydrated onion, and garlic, citric acid, lemon juice solids, natural butter flavor. Contains milk.

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Three shops. Two cities. One site. Lots to love.