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  1. Small White Sage Smudge
    Sold Out
  2. Palo Santo
  3. Curvy Queen Candle
  4. Eve Body Candle
  5. Boot Scootin' Candle
  6. Light the Way Soy Candle
  7. The Duchess Soy Candle
    Sold Out
  8. Abstract S Candle
  9. Cobalt Votive 2 Oz Mixture Man Votive Black
  10. Daily Ritual Soy Candle
    Sold Out
  11. Short Ribbed Candle
  12. Do Good Sunflower Print
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  13. Sold Out
  14. WSU Shocker Mini Banner
  15. Sold Out
  16. Santal & Star Jasmine Room Spray
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  • "This is a beautiful shop with lots of sweet goods that are either handmade and/or come from small, indie companies. I follow them on instagram and they've always got something I want!"


  • "Trendy little shop with many unique locally sourced products."

    Lacey J

  • "Our absolute go-to for all our sticker needs. Love that they keep new and fresh ones coming in consistently!"